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The TRUTH about digital marketing for real estate agents

digital marketing for real estate agents

The TRUTH about digital marketing for real estate agents


As any real estate agent knows by now, digital marketing has become a vital ingredient for staying competitive in a crowded market, and that you can’t succeed without it. 

But what you might not know is just how crucial it will be in the future, which trends will be forgotten about, and which ones will be a part of your marketing mix for years to come. 

The truth about digital marketing for real estate agents is that you must know which tools and strategies to spend your time and money pursuing. Some of them won’t suit your target market, some of them are sold as the solution to all your problems, and some of them…well, some of them are just bad. 

There are digital marketing agencies out there that don’t care how effective they are in helping you generate leads and close the deals that could change your life and build your wealth.

They will say and do whatever it takes to sell you services that you don’t need, telling you that without them, you’ll be lost and floundering in a digital world. 

That’s just not true. 

But what is true is that you need a trusted digital partner who understands you can’t blow your whole budget on services that don’t make a difference to your bottom line. There are so many ways you can take control of your digital marketing and work smarter, not harder, to smash your targets. 

Let’s start with the numbers. 

The incredible statistics that prove digital marketing for real estate agents works

These stats reveal some super interesting data about homebuyers and sellers and the marketing strategies that have been most successful in the past. By arming yourself with the raw data, you can make informed decisions about marketing yourself and your business.

  • 97% of potential buyers start their purchasing journey online, with an equal share occurring over web and mobile. 
  • 59% of agents agree that a social media presence is a valuable marketing tool.
  • But only 47% of them feel confident using social media tools
  • Organic and paid search accounts for as much as 57% of visitors to realtor’s websites.
  • 41% of real estate firms find keeping up with technology challenging, while inventory and affordability are still at the top of the agenda.
  • A/B testing (82%), dynamic content (100%), and animated GIFs (105%) are all proven strategies to increase email ROI.
  • Email marketing campaigns can offer real estate agents an ROI of as much as $36 for every $1 spent.

You don’t need to follow every single trend that pops up. You don’t need to jump on a bandwagon that doesn’t make sense to you or your target market. You don’t need to sink valuable resources into something that won’t be around next year. 

Pick a handful that resonates with your brand and audience and give them your all. Measure them. Scrutinize their value to your marketing efforts. Of course, you want to be in the conversation when it comes to the latest trends. But some have better potential staying power than others. 

A website that actually does what it’s supposed to

One trend in digital marketing for real estate agents that you can be very sure isn’t going to change is that your website needs to perform at the highest levels. It has to be aesthetically pleasing, true to your brand, and fully optimized.

Let’s face it, these days, people take to the internet to search for their dream homes, and having a website that’s visually pleasing and easy to use is a non-negotiable. This is your chance to shine. It’s a handshake, an introduction, your way into the room. 

What does it give you? Everything. 

  • Fully articulate your brand values and messaging while raising awareness
  • Capture the best quality leads
  • Show listings that turn clicks into appointments
  • Get honest comments and feedback
  • Let clients find you via SEO and helpful content
  • Show off your reviews and success stories 

Local SEO is always going to be your friend

Local SEO is a critical component of digital marketing for real estate agents (and we can help with that). It involves implementing strategic techniques to get more eyes on you. 

Leveraging effective Local SEO strategies, you can reach motivated homebuyers and sellers and position yourself as the go-to expert in your local market. 

With a higher ranking in search results, you’ll tap into a stream of qualified leads ready to engage with your services.

Is the competition is fierce? Of course it is. But that’s why Local SEO is more important than ever. By optimizing your online presence to cater to local searches, you’ll gain a competitive edge against other real estate professionals. It’s all about setting yourself apart and standing out in a sea of options.

Email campaigns are still king 

When it comes to digital marketing for real estate agents, email marketing holds a special place alongside SEO. It’s like the dynamic duo of the digital world, working together to help you get the best quality leads.

Email marketing allows you to:

  • Build connections and engage in conversations with potential customers in a way that other marketing strategies can’t match. 
  • Stay at the forefront of their minds and establish trust, which is crucial in real estate. 

Buying a property is no small decision, and when people finally decide, they face a wave of potential options. Your email marketing campaign nurtures those relationships.

One of the key benefits of email marketing is the control it gives you over the precision of your messaging. By segmenting your email list, you can send more targeted content to different groups based on their specific interests and actions. 

It’s not a trend. It’s a fact that email marketing will get you more leads, more appointments, and more sales. 

Advertising on social media

Running consistent, targeted social media ads is an absolute powerhouse for achieving brand exposure in the real estate sector. It’s everywhere and can be the most powerful way to get your name out there. 

You can showcase your listings through online photo galleries, record captivating videos for your social feed, do live property walkthroughs, and engage with potential buyers, all at the click of a button. 

The beauty of social media lies in its ability to connect you with unique customer bases on various platforms. Each platform attracts a different audience, so you can tailor your content to reach your ideal buyers. 

By understanding the nuances of each platform, you can strategically position your brand and attract the right audience. Social media is a fundamental aspect of digital marketing for real estate agents.

  • These ads allow you to reach a broader audience and drive them straight to your listings.
  • Agencies that use Facebook ads more than double their website traffic.

Video content is here to stay

A massive 73% of sellers say they are more likely to list their property with a realtor who uses video-driven content. The best part of that statistic is that only about 10% of agents are taking advantage of this video strategy.

But let’s get down to business. In digital marketing for real estate agents the use of video is absolutely paramount for closing deals in today’s market, and here’s why:

Capture Attention: In a world filled with endless digital distractions, video grabs attention like nothing else. You can hook potential buyers and sellers from the get-go with captivating visuals and intriguing storytelling.

Showcase Properties: Pictures are worth a thousand words, but videos? Those are worth millions. Take potential buyers on a virtual tour, highlighting the unique features and creating an emotional connection. 

Build Trust: Building trust is crucial in the real estate world, and video is the golden ticket. You can establish a deeper connection with your audience by showcasing yourself, your expertise, and your personality. 

Reach a Wider Audience: The beauty of videos is their shareability factor. People love sharing things they find interesting or helpful. This means your message and your listings can reach a wider audience, opening doors to new opportunities.

Consistent lead generation: Videos at the top of the funnel can significantly increase page views and enhance SEO efforts, with web pages containing embedded YouTube videos seeing a notable boost in organic search rankings. 

Close more deals with an agency that knows the true value of digital marketing for real estate agents

Whether to sell, rent, or generate leads, digital marketing holds the keys to your present and future successes. But having a few social media accounts and shooting a few videos is not enough.

You need to be strategic. You need to lean into the experience of an agency that’s been there and done it all before and unlocked the kind of ROI that grows not only your bottom line but your reputation, too.

Digital marketing serves as a potent tool in the world of real estate, providing unparalleled access to a vast and targeted audience. 

This strategic approach enables you to:

  • Showcase your properties effectively
  • Ensure a remarkable return on investment, 
  • Set the stage for long-term success and 4x your growth

So, if you’re serious about taking your real estate endeavors to the next level, our digital marketing expertise stands ready to guide you toward achieving your goals. Ask us how we can use digital marketing to open up new avenues to access the market and close more deals.