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About Proven 360

Welcome to PROVEN 360 Marketing

Established in 2022, a dynamic force in the realm of marketing. As a proud member of PROVEN Arabia Holding, we are a Saudi-based powerhouse known for our global collaboration and expertise. Our diverse team, hailing from KSA, UAE, India, Egypt, South Africa, and Poland, is committed to setting international standards while honoring local nuances in every strategy we craft. 

Our Story

PROVEN 360’s journey began with an ambition to merge global insights with local flavors, creating a marketing agency that understands the pulse of different markets. Established to meet the growing demand for culturally nuanced yet globally competitive marketing services, our story is one of innovation, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence

Our Approach

At PROVEN 360, we believe in a marketing philosophy that is both strategic and creative. Our approach combines tried and tested methods with accurate reporting to ensure proven results. We don’t rely on mere gimmicks; we create marketing solutions that resonate, engage, and deliver. With a focus on creating value through emotional connections and compelling messages, we utilize the latest technologies to bring your brand to life. 

Our Values

We are driven by a set of core values that shape our work and relationships


Embracing change and staying ahead in the evolving marketing landscape.


Upholding honesty and transparency in all our dealings.


Fostering teamwork to harness collective brilliance.


Striving for the highest standards in every project we undertake.

Cultural Sensitivity

Respecting and integrating local sensibilities in our global strategies.

Our Team

We proudly serve a diverse clientele, ranging from local start-ups to international corporations. Our clients are our partners in success, and we are committed to delivering strategies that speak directly to their audiences, regardless of geographical or cultural boundaries. 


We proudly serve a diverse clientel

Leandra Meintjes

Chief Executive Officer

Yahia Elhossiny

Senior Marketing Account Manager


Senior Graphic Designer

Eugene Tropashko

SEO Specialist

Ekaterina Kamai

Senior Animator

Abdulrahman Wally

Graphic Designer

Micheal Alnofal

Marketing Account Associate

Alaa Eldin Moawad

Marketing Performance Specialist


Social Media, Content Creator

Khaled Almohsen

Marketing Account Manager

Lindsay Muntingh

English Content Creator

Shrabantika Mondal

English Content Creator


Digital Marketing Manager


SEO Specialist



Chriszelle Hefer





Senior Web Designer

Abu Al Enen

Marketing Account Manager

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to your success. Aligned with Saudi Vision 2030, we aim to position Saudi Arabia as a global business hub while staying true to our Arabic roots. We promise to deliver marketing solutions that are not only effective but also culturally relevant and resonant. 

AI Marketing, The Future is Here

At PROVEN 360, we are at the forefront of integrating AI into marketing strategies. This cutting-edge technology enables us to deliver more targeted, efficient, and impactful campaigns. AI marketing is not just the future; it’s the present, and we are leading the charge in this exciting new frontier. 

Join us at PROVEN 360

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