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Think of your website as a super valuable member of your very own marketing team that sings your praises to Google and customers alike, making it easier for you to rank above the competition and for your lovely customers to find you. But just like any member of your team, your website needs to perform at the required level for you to have the best chance at success, and you need to do everything you can to ensure that it does. Deploying website audit services like ours is a no-brainer if you want to put your best foot forward and get all those juicy leads you’ve been looking for. In fact, 68% of all online buying journeys start with a search engine query, so it’s super important to have your website firing on all cylinders.

Now, if your website were a person, they would need to know everything about your company, the way you work, what kind of people are interested in your products and services, and how they can make the whole process as efficient and pleasant as can be. They would also need a lot of coffee and possibly some bagels (salmon and cream cheese is always a viable selection). But thankfully, your website has no need for coffee or bagels. What it does need, however, is to be checked and optimized consistently for any glitches, broken links, slow page loading times, and the best practices for SEO, among others. So how do we go about making your website the best website it can possibly be? Let’s get stuck in.

What is a site audit?

While some may think that a site audit is just another name for a search engine optimization audit, there are a few other considerations when performing a general checkup that mean it’s a bit more comprehensive than that. While SEO is a huge factor in the success or failure of your website, you should never overlook the importance of things like user experience, the ‘health’ of your site, security, conversion rates, your content, and how well it stacks up against your competitors. Even the loading time of your page is crucial, with up to 70% of consumers claiming that it’s a massive factor in their willingness to buy from you.

Why website audit is important

There are a ton of reasons why it’s such a crucial process to any business, but there are a few key ones that you should know about. Here’s why ensuring your website runs smoothly is so pivotal to your growth and your bottom line:

  • Boosting the amount of traffic to your website and your user engagement
  • Giving you the ability to analyze it deeply in every aspect
  • Pinpoint the issues that are holding your website back from its full potential
  • Showing you which areas need some improvement
  • Evaluating how well it shows up in search engines

What is a technical SEO audit?

Where your regular site audit makes sure your website is looking pretty and running smoothly, an SEO audit deals with how well it performs on Google. This means you need to optimize all your pages and content so you can show up in searches when prospective customers look for you. So what does an SEO audit include? Though some agencies may differ in their approach, here are some of the main activities associated with these types of audits.


‘Crawling’ refers to the little bots and spiders (not real ones, don’t worry) that search engines send out into the world to locate the best and freshest content via links. Once they have found it, it’s then ‘Indexed,’ meaning they create a database of all that good content that will show up in searches.Analyzing ‘On-Page’ Effectiveness

Analyzing ‘On-Page’ Effectiveness

An SEO technical audit service will also ensure that your meta descriptions and headings are fully optimized and usually refer to copy and images you’re using on your website. This includes checking which keywords you’re ranking for, the internal links between your various pages on your website, and your headings.

‘Off-page’ Analysis

Just as the name suggests, off-page analysis deals with activities away from your website that build trust and authority, which Google loves. This includes your social media marketing, backlinks, and other actions taken outside your website.


As we noted, the time it takes your website to load is a big deal to your prospective customers, and Google has prioritized mobile indexes on all websites. This means your website needs to be optimized for page loading times reflecting the ever-increasing mobile shift.


Another aspect of SEO technical audit services is to ensure you’re getting the traction you need online by checking the internal and external links on your site. Ensuring your URLs are correct and fixing any broken links are essential to the optimization process.


The size and format of all the images used on your website are also the focus of any good technical SEO audit service. Correcting any alt tags and descriptions will make it easier for search engines to find and read and, thus, allow them to contribute to your ranking, your visibility, and overall user experience.

Put the spotlight on your business with elite website optimization from PROVEN 360

Don’t let your beautiful website become one of the 90% of domains without organic search traffic. There are so many ways that we can help push you to the front of the queue and generate high-quality leads and engagement that will have your business growing steadily and consistently. Our dedicated team of experts has years of experience in getting websites to operate at their full potential, and there has never been a better time to do the same for yours. Even if you’re a small business site audit services can be a game-changer, and we have just the tools you need to flourish and find the customers who are trying to find you. Ask us how.

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