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The microblogging site, Twitter, has gone through many changes over the years. Formerly the forum for witty one-liners and snappy quips, brands are now able to captivate their audience with clever GIFs, story-like threads, and Twitter chats. The internet has revolutionized the way people socialize, so keeping up with the latest trends is vital more than ever.

Like every other social media platform, engagement and a large following on Twitter also matter for building your brand identity credibility and boosting organic reach. People are more likely to follow and engage with accounts with a wealth of followers. On the other hand, Twitter pushes posts from accounts with a high follower count more often than accounts with fewer followers, so people are more likely to see your content in their timeline. Do you want to take Twitter by the horns? Here are some tips for engaging a larger audience and increasing your brand’s followers on this popular social media site. Read on.

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Put up visual content 

97% of Twitter users are primarily interested in visuals.

An abundance of visual content has now replaced Text-only and emoji-only content on this platform. Your brand should include more videos, GIFs, images, infographics, or memes in its content plan for Twitter. What is more exciting? The 280-character limit is not enforced on these types of posts, allowing you to express yourself without any restrictions. 

Learn how to compose an effective Tweet 

Twitter conducted a survey that found Tweets under 140 characters perform best.  

The following are a few tried and tested strategies to create effective Tweets for your brand: 

  • Ensure that Tweets are conversational 
  • Limit your hashtags between two to three  
  • Keep your Tweets short and crisp 
  • Respond to trending topics and current events  

Take advantage of the new features 

Do you know, from 2021, Twitter began to review public applications for the blue checkmark again, making the eligibility criteria more transparent? As a digital marketer, you must stay abreast of the new Twitter features in order to maximize their efficacy.  

Leverage hashtags and emojis  

You can use hashtags on Twitter to make your posts searchable, i.e., available to users who do not already follow you. Using hashtags in your posts will help you quickly reach new viewers and a broader audience. Furthermore, a winking face may help you stand out from the crowd than a Tweet only consisting of text. Many face emojis feature a yellow/red combination, attracting people’s attention.  

Use Twitter threads for more detailed expressions  

If you cannot fit your thoughts into 280 characters, Twitter threads are a great way to express them. A thread refers to a series of Tweets connected to one another. The Twitter platform marks threads by displaying the number of the Tweet/the total number of Tweets in the thread, i.e., 1/6, 2/6, 3/6. Having multiple Tweets increases your chances of being seen, and if your story is interesting, the audience may revisit your page and look at your other/older posts. 

Make your audience feel engaged 

You will gain new followers when your audience feels connected to the posts you share. In order to do that, you must try to engage your audience by doing the following:   

  • Replying to the comments or messages them  
  • Following what’s being retweeted and commenting on it 
  • Monitoring and responding to brand mentions 
  • Liking their posts and appreciate them  

Take advantage of influencer marketing 

Allocate the budget for influencer marketing to gain more followers on your Twitter handle. Micro-influencers can always be your best option if you do not have the funding for well-known celebrities. Identify micro-influencers by using niche-specific keywords and scouting the most popular accounts on Twitter.  

Buying followers is not recommended 

Many brands want to take the quick route by purchasing followers. However, is it worth the risk? In our opinion, it is not recommended. There are two reasons for it:  

  • To begin with, Twitter actively seeks out and deletes fake accounts. Most paid-for Twitter followers are bot accounts, and bots leave pretty distinct digital signatures, so finding them is not hard. 
  • Second, having many followers who are not engaged with the brand’s posts can hurt the brand on the platform’s algorithm. 

In addition to the above tips, it is crucial to determine when your Tweets will receive the most engagement.  

Pro tips: A Sprout study shows that brands get the most engagement on social media during the weekday’s mid-morning and early afternoon hours

Increasing your Twitter following isn’t something that just happens. If you have been trying to figure out how to get more Twitter followers, start with the above steps. They only require a little time investment but can do wonders for your brand in terms of new leads, customers, and exposure.   

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