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To create magic and maximize your online presence, you need to wear many hats and think beyond just posting regularly on social media. As a result, social media managers use a lot of tricks, making it challenging to create a comprehensive checklist of social media activities. Our team at PROVEN 360 is here to provide you with a complete social media marketing checklist that will keep your content fresh, engaging, and relevant. Let’s get into it.


Without mentioning strategy, the definition of social media management is incomplete. It is the master plan, letting you visualize what business social media management looks like for you. Developing a strategy that works in favor of your company is the most crucial phase of managing your social media accounts. Which platforms to use, who your audience is, what types of content to produce, what key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure, and which social media management software to employ are some of the crucial things to think about. Here are a few checklists to keep in mind before crafting the strategy that will help you boost productivity and enhance engagement.

  • Define clear goals: Use a Google Doc or a Shared Folder where you can note down your goals and ensure all the stakeholders has access to the file for reference.
  • Create a Buyer Persona: A buyer’s Persona is a great way to identify your target audience and pain points. Building campaigns based on these personas can be beneficial.
  • Track KPIs: Once your goals are outlined, ask yourself what success would look like. When it comes to your social media campaigns and outreach, how will you measure their success? Your key performance indicators are these.
  • Define the right platforms and brand’s voice: Avoid creating campaigns on platforms that don’t ultimately serve your business needs. Additionally, ensure your content stands out by using a tone of voice or visuals curated only for your target audience.


You must have heard the phrase that content is king. Content keeps customers’ attention, no matter how cliche it may sound. In fact, they may turn to a competitor whose values or pain points align better with theirs if your social media content fails to capture them within the first few seconds. These tips will help you create enticing content that engages the audience.

  • Stay organized with a content calendar: Don’t let your posting schedule be subject to assumptions. Your calendar should be consistent to focus more on day-to-day tasks.
  • Set up a content bank: Building up a content bank that you can draw upon is crucial if you’re launching brand-new social media platforms or in the midst of rebranding.
  • Leverage proper hashtags: One of the most crucial organizational tools used on social media is hashtags. Find the hashtags that will resonate with your audience and guide them toward you.
  • Play around with different types of content: Experiment with different kinds of content and see what generates the most engagement. For instance, if you usually post only pictures on Instagram, consider exploring the reels and see how that performs.


Distribution refers to the execution process of social media management, and it is another crucial aspect. While it can be tiresome to update content and follow up with others to collect content, this checklist can make life much easier and more regulated.

  • Post while your audience is online: Posting when your audience is active is crucial. You can monitor the most productive posting times using specific data and tools to generate the most likes and engagement.
  • Collaborate with influencers for promotion: Influencer marketing has become a strategy from a mere marketing trend. You can use the extensive networks that influencers typically have to grow your own following.


  • Repurpose your content in many formats: If something works, why replace it? To post on your active social media channels, take inspiration from your best-performing content. Make sure it’s tailored to the channel’s needs before doing so.
  • Encourage employees to share brand content: Employee-generated content builds trust and authority with your brand and relieves social media managers from constant content creation. Additionally, employees have their own network who can be potential customers.


Communication with your customers is the best way to build rapport. Your brand’s online presence and reputation can be significantly enhanced by monitoring and responding to customer queries, issues, and complaints on social media.

  • Track your brand mentions: To understand better where your internet reputation is and what consumers think of your services, keep an eye out for brand mentions.
  • Reply to comments or messages: Respond to all types of positive and negative feedback in comments and direct messages. As a result, it will help you better connect with your customers.
  • Create posts on trending topics: Keep up with what’s happening in your industry so you may be the first to provide customers with your distinctive viewpoint. Check hashtags on social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn to see trending topics.
  • Encourage followers to speak about your brand: User-generated content builds trust more than brand-generated content. Current consumers value your business so highly that they are willing to provide testimonials on your behalf that will appeal to prospective customers.


It’s essential to determine what is working and needs to be tweaked once you’ve established a strong strategy and deployed your content across your social media platforms.

  • Monitor competitors’ strategies: Monitoring your competitors will help you gain a competitive edge. Leverage the trends that are beneficial to them and identify any that aren’t (so you can avoid these for your brand).
  • Review results to tweak your strategy: Make adjustments to your plan based on your KPIs. Make sure you pivot if something isn’t working, and always be prepared to build on strategies that are increasing engagement and follower numbers.

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At PROVEN 360, we specialize in turning social media insights into actionable, measurable strategies that improve your bottom line. We’ll regularly compile a social media monitoring report for your perusal that shows you which content is landing and where improvements can be made and use this to fuel future efforts. With a steady stream of new information about your customers, you can make better and more informed decisions about what kind of content they want to see and how you can leverage that to generate traffic and revenue.

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