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Social Media Management

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SMM services or Social Media Marketing services are an essential brand-building tool for organizations and companies of every size, in every sector. Managing social media is one thing, but where the magic truly happens is when you wield it as a means to communicate with your customers in a meaningful way.

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A big part of what makes social media content management effective is using the tools you have available and being able extract value wherever possible is key. Optimized scheduling, organic posting, paid advertisements, and accurately understanding the analytics are the four cornerstones of successful social media management services. Our approach is to blend the power of analytics with a human understanding of what your audience wants to see and explore those four cornerstones to create a two-way value stream.

But putting your accounts and platforms to work as a mouthpiece for the brand requires a social media marketing strategy that aligns with your broader marketing plans. As with any good strategy, we’ll do a complete social media audit to pinpoint where we should be focusing your efforts. Some platforms are naturally a better fit depending on who you’re marketing to and the nature of your product or service, and they all have different benefits and drawbacks. A social media advertising agency like ours can keep your customers informed, engaged, and loyal to the brand while showcasing what you have to offer. It also provides the opportunity for a direct dialogue with your audience, which can translate to invaluable consumer feedback and insights.

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    so what’s the plan?

    Now that you have a well-developed content strategy and are ready to woo your audience with tailored posts, it’s time to implement it. And this is where social media marketing management comes into play. As you increase your activity and start engaging with more and more users who love the brand, it can often be challenging to handle the load in-house, especially for smaller businesses.

    Social media management allows you to plan posts well in advance using highly specialized targeting tools that reach the right leads at the right time. Posting with a plan gives you the element of consistency that is crucial to generating brand awareness and, as a result, an entry point for your automated sales pipeline.

    Social Media Management services 

    What you get from us:

    • Creative Campaigns
    • Consultancy
    • Facebook & Instagram Advertising
    • LinkedIn Advertising
    • Twitter & Snapchat Advertising

    our social media superpowers

    Investing in creative marketing campaigns has and always will be among the most visceral ways of nurturing your relationship with your audience. By adding a little imagination, some stunning design work, and a genuine desire to build your brand, there’s nothing to stop you from regularly dazzling your followers with campaigns that evoke a more emotive response. As a part of our creative agency services, we’ll create unique content centered around your brand pillars that engages, educates, and delights across every platform.

    Our 360 marketing campaigns are another example of our dedication to synergy and ensuring that all our efforts have an identity and that they speak with your aspirations in mind.  In addition to creating brand new conceptual content for your business or organization, we can even repurpose existing content and bring it straight to your audience using the most relevant platforms and media for maximum reach. Sometimes all it needs is a metaphorical lick of paint to give your older content a new lease of life and turn it into something your followers will love.

    When it comes to social media marketing consulting, every organization’s needs are unique and require a more bespoke, personal touch. Tailoring a consultancy solution for your brand is largely dependent on your audience, your objectives, and your budget. With your own expert social media marketing consultant from Proven 360, you’ll be in the hands of someone who understands the social media landscape and where your business fits into that. We’ll analyze your current strategy to see where improvements can be made, as well as provide an insight-driven framework for any new possible strategies.

    As a social media consulting company, we’ll also give you the knowledge to be able to set and achieve your own social media targets and assess which ones are pertinent to your business. With your dedicated account manager at your side, you can tap into a wealth of social media experience and receive custom reports and analytics that provide a more detailed breakdown of what’s working and what’s not. Our social media consulting services will deep dive your brand, your existing social media presence, the industry you’re in, and your competitors to create a top-down view of all your assets and how best to use them to gain leverage. Reach out to us and unlock the potential of your online activities.

    Being able to make the most of your social media presence directly correlates to how much you know about the nature of your interactions with your audience. By tracking social media analytics, we can provide you with a top-down view of where your leads and customers are interacting with your platforms, and which types of content are stimulating engagement. We specialize in turning social media insights into actionable, measurable strategies that improve your bottom line. We’ll regularly compile a social media monitoring report for your perusal that shows you which content is landing and where improvements can be made and use this to fuel future efforts. With a steady stream of new information about your customers, you can make better and more informed decisions about what kind of content they want to see and how you can leverage that to generate traffic and revenue. 

    The value of a consistent and accurate social media report can be seen in various aspects of your online presence. And though some will be more obvious than others, each insight is another building block in creating a long-term strategy that works, and we’ll be right beside you to ensure it does. With your social media monitoring report now in place, you can start creating better content and publish it on your most relevant platforms. While it’s not necessarily a guarantee of success, paying close attention to your analytics gives you a far better chance of reaching your customers in ways that put you ahead of the competition.

    put your platforms to work

    As if you hadn’t heard by now, Facebook is a big deal in the online marketplace. With more than 2 billion users logging in every month, the opportunities for growth and laser-focused targeting are critical to any modern business. A top-notch Facebook ad agency will always utilize the platform’s incredible capacity for seeking out your desired demographic to the letter, and it’s this ability that sets it apart.

    Our Facebook marketing services will put your products and services in the spotlight while creating, developing, executing, and monitoring the performance of creatively-driven ads. Another reason Facebook advertising services are such an excellent marketing tool is the diversity of the ads themselves, each of which can be customized and optimized to create unique campaigns. You simply can’t beat Facebook ad services for sheer reach and cost-effectiveness as a marketing tool, and we’ll be able to squeeze every drop of value from your budget.

    By adding Instagram marketing services to your master plan, you can further cement your brand’s visibility and use the platform’s more visually inclined nature to show off your products and create a virtual catalog. You don’t need an Instagram advertising agency to get direct feedback from your customers or provide you with insights about your brand reputation. You’ll have access to those things with every business account you create. But when it comes to sustaining a consistent, relevant, and effective presence on a highly competitive platform, it certainly does help.

    At Proven 360, our Instagram advertising service isn’t a vanity project or unnecessary use of your budget. Rather, it’s a way to supplement your other efforts by staying visible, nurturing your brand, and boosting your sales numbers. Some Instagram ad agency services will emphasize either brand building or increasing sales, but the sweet spot lies somewhere in the middle, and we’ll help you find it. An underrated but highly influential aspect of Instagram marketing services is its ability to generate website traffic and track the quality of your leads, helping you better understand their purchasing behavior.

    LinkedIn marketing services have come a long way in recent years, and this is largely down to the platform itself being more innovative in its attempts to connect professionals and businesses. In terms of B2B marketing, LinkedIn advertising is the cream of the crop and can target industries and individuals to ensure that you’re talking to the right people. Though it can be more difficult to guarantee successful campaigns on the platform, it stands alone as the pinnacle of B2B lead generation.

    Its ability to create dynamic, targeted, and customized ads across desktop and mobile can’t be overstated. All you need is a LinkedIn marketing agency like ours to help you define your strategy and set clear goals about what success looks like. You’ll have as much autonomy as you want, but at all times, be supported by our team of specialists as we plot your course for growth.

    With Twitter marketing services now set for even further improvements, there’s never been a better time to put some serious thought into your strategies, be that paid, organic, or both. Twitter is a bastion of brand advocacy, and its algorithms allow you to target by niche trends as well as more standard tools to give you real-time opportunities for reaching your desired audience. It’s a platform that thrives on creativity, and Twitter ads lend themselves to a host of media options that can make for compelling supporting content. There’s no such thing as a strictly Twitter advertising agency, but we offer years of experience and strategies proven to optimize campaigns and get results.

    Understandably, many businesses have never explored the possibility of advertising on Snapchat, and it does lend itself to a particular demographic, namely, millennials. But the sleeping giant is waking growing at its highest rate since 2017, and it’s reignited a lot of interest in Snapchat advertising. Use links in-post to generate traffic, reach audiences beyond your following, and build brand loyalty among millennials and Gen Z with Snapchat Business and tap into a relatively undiscovered market for growth.

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    As always, we will assign a specialist to your account who will monitor and maintain all the requirements related to the campaigns. 

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    Just call us your local or revamped Sherlock Holmes, we can connect you with your target audience in no time!


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