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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

What are PPC marketing services? 

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an online advertising framework in which businesses pay whenever a user clicks on one of their ads and visits their website. Advertisers use this tactic to introduce qualified or potential customers to the service or product they can be most interested in purchasing,
Why is Paid Search Services significant for your business?!

You can use PPC advertising to capitalize on Search Intent in a highly focused and trackable way. PPC can produce immediate results by reducing the time of ranking organically. Your paid ads will appear immediately at the top of SERPs and across your selected ad types based on your targeting parameters.

This means you will start generating traffic, leads, and sales immediately. That is – if your ads are set up effectively. This is where Proven 360 comes into the picture. 

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    Proven 360 offers scalable PPC services to improve your ROI 

    We have some of the best PPC specialists in the industry who have grown successful businesses.  

    PPC Management Services 

    What you get from our service: 

    • Gain a competitive edge with an effective PPC strategy
    • Ongoing Keywords and competitive research
    • Rock-solid analytics with regular reporting 
    • Building and executing customized campaigns 

    What is our approach to ppc strategy!

    PPC strategy may sound like an enjoyable campaign, but the procedure may appear complicated if you are unaware of the tricks. For better results, a variety of tools must be chosen as part of this campaign. The campaign’s process consists of the following segments: 

    Proven 360 PPC marketing key features

    Build your online presence strategically with a clear MROI

    account manager

    We will assign a specialist to your account who will monitor and maintain all the requirements related to the campaigns. 

    maximize the outcome

    Will identify the keyword opportunities as well as trends on the digital platform your campaign is running to optimize the best results from the targeted clients. 

    Result driven campaigns

    Our PPC agency (Google ad agency and Facebook ad agency) can help you analyze the market and get better results by creating an online campaign

    Monitor and optimize

    Our responsibilities do not end after creating an effective online campaign for you. We will monitor the results and optimize them in order to sustain a better position and create a brand value.

    Track the conversions

    Allowing you to gain momentum. We will also keep track of the conversion of leads coming from the campaigns. 

    analyze competitors

    When you hire our services, we analyze the competition on the platform to help you take advantage of the campaign.


    Maximize the outcome by limiting your spend
    Measurable ROI
    Generate brand value and enhance exposure
    Create ads regionally or globally
    Immediate impact
    Transparent payment structure

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