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Event Management

We take moments and Create lasting memories

No matter the size or format at Proven 360, we approach each event with the same philosophy, with your target audience as a goal. Each event is tailored to your product, service, or experience, and there is no one shoe fits all. Lesson learned from Cinderella! We create events with passion, whether online (virtual) or offline (live), that are relevant and compelling, keeping your audience enthralled. Best of all, we offer event management, regardless of location, industry or format.

We work with preferred partners in the region for that perfect touch.

We are defined and work by our values, culture and deep-rooted Saudi heritage. Our team is a team you can trust with your corporate event, webinar, product launch or team building. We bring with us years of event management experience, sharing our passion for creating an unforgettable experience.

Our services include:

  • Webinars
  • Corporate Conferences
  • Exhibitions & Stands
  • Gala Dinners
  • Team / Corporate Days
  • Recruitment Days
  • Product Launch
  • Road Shows

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    Events boost your brand awareness through partnership and client engagement

    Unforgettable events lead to convertible leads, brand awareness and brand exposure. They serve a purpose for stakeholder engagement as well as placing your brand ahead of competitors. The key to this successful execution is our 360 approach, we assist from concept to post-delivery.

    Even Management Services 

    What you get from our service: 

    • Event Concept
    • Budgeting
    • Contractor Management and Logistics
    • Corporate Gifts
    • Marketing Materials (brochures, backdrops, roll-ups)
    • Video / Animation materials for screens
    • Photography/videography services
    • Post-event round-up (email thanks to attendees, gifts to speakers)

    Key Features

    Vital to our success is our streamlined approach, with a transparent event mapping process and regular feedback with strict timelines – this leaves nothing open for guesstimates. We don’t want to run around looking for a pumpkin and some mice 10min before the ball.

    Event Briefing

    Our team sits with each client to discuss the event brief, planning the concept, and their proposed budget and timelines.



    Taking in all the details, our team brainstorms and brings to life your ideas while aligning your brand persona with the event directive.


    The Best Part – Planning

    The best is only to come, from contractor hires and audience-centric campaigns to adding the smallest touch, such as the color of your napkins, this is where the magic happens. We map out each detail, triple-check and share it with you for final sign-off before we move the next step.


    Time to show our muscles or, rather the time to dance! This is the fun part, our team burns the midnight oil to ensure your D-day runs on track with zero glitches.

    Post Event Services

    The event is only over once the fat lady sings! And we are not done yet, we evaluate, communicate, and provide post-event services such as emailers to attendees and thank you gifts to speakers. We ensure you close your event with panache.


    Maximize the outcome by limiting your spend
    Measurable ROI
    Generate brand value and enhance exposure
    Create ads regionally or globally
    Immediate impact
    Transparent payment structure

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