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marketing solutions for gym and fitness centers

In Dubai alone, there are 800 fitness centers with 523,000 members, or 6% penetration.
Partner with us to get noticed!

Recently, more and more people have become conscious of the value of maintaining healthy lifestyles. Due to this, fitness has gained appeal among millions of people, which has caused the size and recognition of the global fitness business to increase.

A key priority for gym business owners is bringing in new paying customers and converting them to loyal members. In order to achieve this, gym owners should shift a strong focus to scaling up their digital marketing. By taking advantage of these online channels, it is proven to attract more customers to your door.

If you need your gym to attract more clients and coaches and be seen as the top fitness facility in the region, then look no further. PROVEN 360 offers you omnichannel solutions that will set you apart from your competitors, we highlight your USP and help you create memorable experiences to attract future members.

Our team of industry experts offers you insights and solutions for

  • Partnerships
  • Events
  • Paid Campaigns (Google and Social Media)
  • Content Creation
  • Video and Graphic Design

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Benefits and impact

Building brand loyalty
Increasing new memberships
Attract convertible leads
Enhance client experience

Our Solutions to Help You Grow

Content creation

Content creation

  • Curated content for all client communication
  • Blogs and specialist listing pages
  • Social media content



Paid Online Activities

Paid Online Activities (GOOGLE ADS, SOCIAL MEDIA ADS)

  • Perfectly planned and executed paid activities to attract qualified leads
  • Targeted social media ads supporting your business needs
  • A streamlined budget process with the highest MROI

Online services

Social Media and Website Management, and SEO

  • Content planning, creating, and executing of all social media content
  • Website updates ensure your website is ranked correctly on Google
  • SEO drives traffic, and traffic brings business

Creative Services

Graphic Design, Copywriting, Animation, Photography

  • Beautifully designed videos, banners, or online marketing materials
  • Video content through animation
  • Photography services


The keys to a successful fitness business is tapping into what your clients are looking for, standing out from your competitors and sharing in your members achieving their fitness goals. Members seek more than just a place to exercise, they want a community that supports them during their fitness journey. As your marketing partner, we offer insights into consumer behavior, helping you motivate and retain your members.

Gone are the days when going to the gym was a must, or a hassle, simply a tick box completed three days a week. For most gym members, training six days a week is the new norm.

Friendships and memories are made on the gym floor, and it is these memories that we share to help you attract more members.

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