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Emerging technologies to shape current marketing trends and the digital marketing industry in 2023

The digital marketing landscape has been evolving at a breakneck pace, and this change is never-ending. The digital world is now core to many businesses, making it essential for marketers to learn the methods and strategies to reach their target audience. While some existing trends, such as the value of long-form educational content, adoption of chatbots, and conversational AI, will continue to rule, new emerging marketing trends like Google’s push for a Cookie less future or short-form video content will shape the marketers’ fate in 2023. This blog post will discuss the major trends shaping digital marketing and what marketers should leverage in their marketing efforts. Hop on.

1- Informative long-form content marketing will continue its reign

Content marketing has shifted towards long-form, informative content that prioritizes assisting users over pushing sales. To achieve maximum engagement, the content that performs well is the one that comprehensively addresses the questions users have and steers them toward the best solution for their particular situation.

Discussing subjects that engage your target audience is an effective approach to fostering brand recognition and customer loyalty. You can establish trust with your audience by demonstrating that you care about more than just making a sale.

Tips to Remember

It does not matter if you publish a blog or a social media post; always try to strike a balance between sales and providing actionable suggestions to your end users.

2- Short-form video content is here to steal the throne

As a marketing expert, it’s crucial to recognize that users today face an information overload and have increasingly shorter attention spans. To break through the clutter, brands must leverage clever short-form video content that effectively conveys their message in seconds. By doing so, brands can capture and retain their audience’s attention, ultimately driving greater engagement and impact. Although long-form content is still potent for blogs and podcasts, Instagram reels and TikTok fueled the popularity of short-form video content among audiences, especially with Genz.

Tips to Remember

To appeal to a broad range of your audience, utilize long-form content to engage users who seek in-depth knowledge and wish to educate themselves while producing short-form video content for users browsing for entertainment purposes.

3- Voice search trends will continue to remain a critical focus

Voice search is a growing trend in marketing that enables users to interact with search engines, virtual assistants, and other devices using their voice. With the rise of smart speakers and other voice-enabled devices, marketers increasingly adopt voice search as part of their overall marketing strategies. Another advantage of voice search is its potential to enhance local search results. With more and more people using voice search to find nearby businesses, optimizing for local SEO and using location-based keywords can help companies to appear at the top of search engine result pages.

One of the main benefits of voice search in marketing is its ability to provide a more conversational and natural way of interacting with customers. So, more businesses will incorporate search assistants, leading to higher engagement levels, increased customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, more sales and revenue.

Tips to Remember

As voice-controlled devices are gaining traction, you must focus on your content strategy to resolve your consumers’ frequently asked questions about your service or product. 

4- Chatbots and AI adoption will gain more traction

The advent of ChatGPT is a clear indication that we have entered the age of AI-powered marketing. More small businesses will likely leverage easily accessible tools that can aid in producing marketing content or enable round-the-clock communication with customers.

In the foreseeable future, chatbots and advanced conversational AI will become more prevalent and readily available for small businesses. These tools can respond to fundamental customer inquiries around the clock, even when you are occupied with other tasks.

Tips to Remember

A recent survey revealed that more than 42% of customers use chatbots when purchasing, yet many small businesses still need to leverage this technology. As a marketer, you can stand out from your competition by implementing conversational AI and marketing chatbots.

5- Data analytics must be leveraged to get a deeper insight

The emergence of data analytics in marketing trends has revolutionized how businesses understand and interact with their customers. Marketers can gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and trends by leveraging data analytics tools and techniques. This allows them to develop more effective marketing strategies, target specific audiences, and optimize their campaigns for maximum impact.

In recent years, data analytics in marketing has become increasingly sophisticated, with advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence enabling businesses to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time. This has led to a more personalized and targeted approach to marketing and the ability to track and measure the success of campaigns with greater accuracy.

Tips to Remember

While many brands employ data analytics to gain deeper insights, marketers must undergo a significant learning curve to utilize the data they collect fully. More than merely collecting data is required, as marketers must also be able to extract valuable insights from it and act based on those insights.

6- A Cookie less future is (still) in the works

Even though Google has postponed its “Cookie less” strategy until 2024, a future without cookies is inevitable. Google intends to launch a Cookie less tracking feature next year, with some preliminary testing likely to occur before that. The company is striving to balance the demands of users, advertisers, and publishers as it devises its Cookie less tracking system, which is no simple feat.

Tips to Remember

Brands should start experimenting and be adept with Cookie less tools to replace the current standard.

PROVEN 360 will assist you in deciding which marketing trend and technology to implement

PROVEN 360, your boutique marketing agency, is designed to assist you in determining the most effective marketing trends and technologies to adopt. It employs a comprehensive approach, utilizing data analytics and market research to identify the most effective strategies for achieving specific marketing objectives.

We help businesses stay ahead of the curve by considering industry-specific factors, enabling brands to tailor their marketing strategies to their unique needs and goals.

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