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ChatGPT for marketing: Expectation vs. Reality

There’s a storm coming, and it will be driven by the winds of change that could reshape the entire marketing industry. Who will ride them to marketing glory, and who will fall foul of Google’s gaze? Only time will tell. If you haven’t already heard, ChatGPT is the AI-powered chatbot primed to make a major impression in digital marketing this year, and it’s already creating quite a stir within the industry and much, much further than that. Will it transform the digital marketing landscaping as we know it? Or will it find itself on the scrap heap of technologies that have fallen by the wayside?

AI marketing may yet be in its infancy, but this little idea is growing up very quickly, some would say too quickly. But as we start getting to grips with the technology and start creating a framework for its ethical use, we can see a number of ways that ChatGPT for marketing may indeed be a tool with some legs. But there are a few caveats, some of which we will have a look at.

But even as we consider the question of how to use ChatGPT for marketing, we need to establish its limitations and not get carried away by possible use cases until it’s been tested thoroughly in real-world scenarios. The adoption of new technologies follows something which research giant Gartner has termed the ‘hype cycle.’ This is the process by which people’s interest is triggered and whether that interest is sustained or wanes over time as the novelty wears off.

A World of Possibilities?

So let’s get down to business and see what ChatGPT can and can’t do in the marketing context. In its current guise, it simply doesn’t have the complexity to recreate what humans do. Now that isn’t to say that it won’t have that ability in the future, but as it stands, using ChatGPT for marketing will only garner so much success. Here are some of the ways we can expect it to add value to your marketing strategy.

– Creating Audience Personas

An audience persona is your opportunity to take a look behind the veil and to gain a greater understanding of what your ideal customer looks like, what’s important to them, and their behaviors and attitudes. It’s a fantastic way to gain insights into what kinds of content will create the best engagement for your brand.

So how will using ChatGPT for marketing help you create accurate personas? First, you’ll need to gather qualitative and quantitative data from your channels. Then once you’ve got it all sorted, you can start entering prompts to find out your demographic’s buying habits, affinity groups, interests, and pain points. Here’s what came up when prompted for a persona for a Dubai architectural firm.

– Performing S.W.O.T Analysis

No we’re not talking about a team of elite law enforcement agents here but rather a process by which you can determine the best decisions for your business. S.W.O.T stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and has been a revoltionary tool for growing businesses since the 1960s. When performed with precision, a S.W.O.T. analysis can show you exactly what you’re doing right, where it’s going wrong, and what actions to take in the future. ChatGPT can whip you up and entire analysis in about thirty seconds with excellent accuracy and some pretty impressive strategic insights.

– Customer Service

Your customers will love ChatGPT. Nobody likes to wait in line for ages only to be greeted with the same stock responses to their queries. Being able to speed up your processes with the additional benefit of it feeling like a far more human conversation means your brand will get lots of love. As the king of chatbots, ChatGPT will serve your brand well when it comes to keeping all your lovely customers happy. Easily one of the best uses for Chat GPT, your customer service offerings will thrive and take a lot of the burden off you and your team.

So What Can’t ChatGPT do?

While ChatGPT is almost limitless in its capacity as a chatbot, there are some areas crucial for marketing where it needs to catch up. What we need to remember is that digital marketing and marketing, in general, isn’t a paint-by-numbers game. The human element of communication and our innate ability to spot something that lacks authenticity, whether conscious of it or not, means that ChatGPT isn’t yet ready to be the one tool to rule them all. Here’s why you shouldn’t be getting rid of your agency partners just yet.

– ChatGPT Content Doesn’t Rank Well

Our Google overlords aren’t best pleased about their being even more terrible content created with the sole intention for it to show up well in searches, and as we all know, when Google says jump, SEO asks, ‘How high?’. As marketers, we aim to ensure that all content is valuable, unique, and original. There are some major concerns from within the industry that ChatGPT content marketing will further pollute the internet with duplicate content and fluff pieces that ultimately hurt rather than help in the quest for better rankings.

It Lacks Complexity

As human beings, our ability to think critically and problem-solve has led us on our epic journey through time. At this point, it’s something that AI just cannot do. There is so much nuance in how we create, communicate, and appreciate language that ChatGPT can’t replicate, so when it comes down to understanding things like common sense, irony, humor, and all the emotionally-driven parts of what make us special, it just doesn’t cut it.

Teething Problems

And that’s being polite. ChatGPT, in its short stint, as the best thing since sliced bread, has run into some serious ethical muddy waters. What is AI marketing going to achieve when it still runs the risk of being biased or inaccurate? Further to that point, it’s only been trained on information until 2021. How much has changed since then? Given how quickly things develop in the modern world, can your business afford to operate in the past?

We Know How to Ride Trends

As human beings, we always look for that new shiny toy on which we hope to pin our dreams of even more convenience and novelty. But we are fickle creatures, and the potential of blending AI and advertising will need to be navigated safely before we can confidently explore content generated by something outside of our own minds. But if we can do that, there’s every chance we’re sitting on one of the most significant developments the marketing world has ever seen. Until then, you’re much better off partnering with a digital marketing agency like ours that puts humans first. Talk to us about how we can leverage evolving technologies to make your business blossom—the right way.

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