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6 Tips to Help You Go Viral on TikTok in 2023

In one of our previous blogs on Global Social Media Trends, we had already predicted that TikTok would gradually snatch the crown from other social media platforms to reign in its position as the most popular app, and we were right. With over one billion monthly users, TikTok has reached global domination status and will likely not slow down anytime soon. As a marketer, you could miss the boat if you haven’t already marked your presence on the platform.  

This article will outline the best strategy for going viral on the platform in 2023 as we discuss TikTok tips to get views and increase engagement. Are you ready to take the plunge? Get on the boat.  

How to go viral on TikTok 

Businesses seek to learn how to make a video go viral on TikTok because it can boost brand awareness and sales. However, what may work for other social networks may not prove effective on TikTok because its algorithms work differently. Here are a few tips that can come in handy, to begin with.  

1- Start with a hook and find your niche 

The attention span of TikTok users is shorter, and it moves in the blink of an eye. You run the risk of losing viewers to the content that appears next on the infinite scroll if you don’t immediately capture their attention. Start with a hook when making a video for TikTok; ideally, the first two or three seconds will draw in your target audience. This can be accomplished via audio or visual methods.  

TikTok is also part of the broader concept of finding your niche, which is the same for all other social media platforms. A niche community is crucial to establishing your brand, whether you are using it for business or entertainment.  

2- Allow users a reason to comment on your post  

The most straightforward metric of engagement on TikTok is getting more comments. The more comments a video receives, the more probable it is that TikTok algorithm will favor it, increasing the number of users who see it. You can get more comments by following some simple tactics. For instance, ask your followers to give their opinions on the topic they want to hear from you in your next video or ask them to share their ideas on something you posted.  

3- Try to reply to the comments from your followers  

Building a community takes time and effort. It’s an ongoing process that you must trust. Making your fans and followers feel heard and loved is a part of that process. And the best way to do that is to reply to their comments as much as possible. In addition to benefiting the algorithm, responding to comments on your TikTok videos can help you build stronger bonds with your followers. Viewers are also encouraged to leave comments when they know the creator will reply. This brings us to: 

4- Make TikTok videos from the comments  

One of TikTok’s most distinctive features is the ability for creators to produce videos in response to specific comments. Several TikTok users have grown their fan bases based on original videos that their viewers requested. Once your brand grows, you can also monitor the comments using external tools available in the market to catch all the exciting topics.  

5- Track your success and failures  

In this data-driven world, you must pay extra attention to TikTok analytics. Check out the most popular types of videos that made the viewers go bonkers and attempt to recreate that success. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t experiment with different topics or strategies if those fail to become viral; instead, you should create content that you are enthusiastic about, as it is not only about the numbers.   

6- Hop on the trends and use trending sounds  

The most effective approach to finding inspiration for new content while you’re in a TikTok rut is to browse the app yourself. As much as you indulge and dedicate your time to the platform, you will get a hold of the trending topics and sounds, drawing maximum engagement. After that, make a strategy to add your unique spin to the sounds now popular and being used by others; we’re not just talking about creating lip-sync videos here. Late in 2022, Meghan Trainor’s ‘Made You Look’ was popular on TikTok. Over 1.7 million videos were created utilizing the music clip, and the dance gained so much popularity that Trainor herself created a TikTok performing it. 

Bonus Tip: Don’t take yourself too seriously   

We understand that creating an effective TikTok marketing strategy requires significant effort and much seriousness. However, one of the wonderful things about the platform is that you don’t always have to act in a conventional “professional” manner. Many TikTok users want to browse through and giggle, so displaying some vulnerability is acceptable.  

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